Pinbar Trading System

Pinbar Forex Trading System — a popular strategy for entering and exiting positions that is based on the particular candlestick Pattern and the following price action. The Pinbar (also known as "Pin-bar" or "Pin bar") pattern was first introduced by Martin Pring in his Pring on Price Patterns.


  • Conservative strategy offers low-risk high-yield opportunities.

  • No-loss rate is pretty high if break-even is applied.

  • Rare occurrence.

  • Timing is critical.

  • Support/resistance is difficult to formalize.

Strategy Set-Up

Any currency pair and timeframe should work, but longer-term timeframes (such as H4, D1 and W1) should work better.

Pinbar Set-Ups: 
Pinbar Trading System Price Action Strategies 1

The pattern consists of three bars: the left eye, the nose and the right eye. The left eye should be a bar up for the bearish Pinbar pattern or a bar down for the bullish pattern. The nose bar should open and close inside the left eye, but its high (or low, for the bullish set-up) should protrude much farther than the left eye's high (or low). Both the nose bar's open and close should be located in the bottom (top, for the bullish set-up) 1/4 of the bar. The right eye is where the trading happens.

An additional condition for the good pattern set-up is the strong support/resistance level formed either behind the eyes or near the point of the nose. The stronger are the support/resistance levels you incorporate into this pattern, the more accurate it will be.

Entry Conditions

Aggressive entry option is to enter a position when in the right eye price retreats behind the left eye's close level.

Conservative entry point is below (above for bullish set-up) the nose bar.

Exit Conditions

Conservative stop-loss can be set behind the nearest support/resistance level behind the eyes. A less conservative approach would be to set stop-loss to immediately behind the nose bar point (in this case, your reward/risk ratio may suffer).

Conservative take-profit can be set immediately after the left eye low (high for the bullish set-up). Aggressive take-profit level may be placed farther — to the next strong support (resistance for bullish positions) level.


Bearish Pinbar Set-Up:

This is an example of the aggressive set-up. The entry point (blue line) is positioned at the left eye close (price retreated for that entry). Stop-loss (red line) is placed at behind the point of the nose bar (in this situation, even conservative stop-loss wouldn't be hit, as the price pull-back during the right eye happened before the entry). Take-profit (green line) is set at the nearby support level and is easily filled.

Pinbar Trading System Price Action Strategies 2

Bullish Pinbar Set-Up:

This is an example of the conservative set-up. The entry point (blue line) is placed just behind the nose bar. Stop-loss (red line) is below the left eye. Take-profit (green line) is just above the left eye.

Pinbar Trading System Price Action Strategies 3

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