Simple MACD Strategy

Simple MACD Strategy Trading Strategies

If you are looking for a LONG term strategy with good winning odds Simple MACD Strategy is for you.

  • TimeFrame: Daily

  • Symbol: any major currency preferred EURUSD, GBPUSD

  • Risk: MAX 2% of account equity per order

  • Indicators:

Simple MACD Strategy Overview:

This is a Simple MACD Strategy which is used for long term trading. You will have usually only one trade per month. But this one trade is usually high profit trade. The strategy should be used only on major currency pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD. Trade it only on high timeframe like Daily timeframe. It works on 4h and 1h as well but you might need to tweak MACD settings and use different entry, exit rules.

Simple MACD Strategy entry and exit rules:

  • We enter BUY/SELL trade when MACD crosses 0 point to UP (Green) for BUY orders and when crossing 0 point down (RED) for SELL orders (please note that you MUST wait for daily candle to CLOSE)

  • When we are in a trade we will set SL to 100 pips

  • When Trade goes your way 50 pips we set BE to +2 pips so that if the market reverses you wont have any loss

  • Your FIRST TP is at 100 pips (you will take out 50% of the entry and set SL to +50 pips)

  • Your SECOND TP is at 200 pips (you will take out everything)

As you can see Simple MACD Strategy is easy as pie. Please note some people tend to exit the entire trade at first TP which you can if you want but i tend to let my trade ride up to second TP.

In the Example chart we have we can see that first trade we triggered BE and got stepped out at +2 pips. Next three orders were profitable they got to second TP. Forth order BE got hit again and we got stepped out at +2 pips. Which is a great success rate.

Download: Simple MACD Strategy Template

How to install Simple MACD Strategy Template in MetaTrader 4 / MT4:

  1. Download/Copy/Save the TPL file into your C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\templates folder (or change the folder to your installation sometimes forex broker name)

  2. Restart your MetaTrader 4 application (assuming it’s currently open) … or Launch your MetaTrader 4 application

  3. Open the Template with Charts/Template

  4. Locate the Template which you have just downloaded into the folder stated in Step 1

  5. TADA and your done!


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