What Is The Association Cambiste Internationale?

2019-07-20 11:44    forextraders

Association Cambiste Internationale Definition – The Association Cambiste Internationale, now known as ACI, is the internationally recognized examining body for practitioners of Foreign Exchange and Money market operations, working closely with a number of major regulatory bodies. The association is headquartered in Paris, France, and is an umbrella organization for a large number of national associations of foreign exchange dealers (cambistes) and other staff in regulated financial institutions. Members of ACI are in a large part engaged within the financial trading or sales environment in the global financial markets representing the Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate Products and other Securities, Banknotes & Bullions, Precious metals and Commodities and their various kinds of Derivatives. ACI is a leading, global association of wholesales financial market professionals. ACI counts some 13,000 international members from more than 60 countries. The association fosters best market practices though superior education programs and a compilation the most universally accepted set of market standards, The Model Code. It was founded in Paris in 1955 and has a long and esteemed history in the International Financial Markets.

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