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Brexit will now happen but Johnson’s win puts future of the UK in doubt - FT

2019-12-13 09:40    FXYEAH

In a gated story, the Financial Times (FT) carries an opinion piece, citing what next for the UK government on the Brexit front, as the Conservatives are seen winning the election with a landslide majority.

Key Quotes:

“Three years of political paralysis is over. The Brexit path is now, for good or ill, clear.

The country will at last have a stable government with a working majority.

The bad news is that the country is about to discover that it takes more than a vote at an election to "get Brexit done"; that Boris Johnson is going to be unfettered in the next stage of the EU negotiations and that a huge nationalist surge in Scotland almost certainly heralds another independence referendum.

Even in the midst of their jubilation, the Conservatives may fear that while they secured Brexit, they may lose the UK.”


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