FXYEAH is one of the largest industry vertical portals in the forex field, our users widely distributed in the world. We provide an open Internet platform to forex professionals, institutions and traders.

Welcome professionals, researchers, analysts and traders contribute, we also welcome readers recommend experts in the forex industry. In order to better provide services to traders and relevant readers, we are willing to work together with you.

Instructions of contribution:

1. Concise, logicality, easy to understand.

2. Important news, distinctive comments and research.

3. Have unique insights for financial hot topics and major events.

4. Interviews with key figures in the forex and financial industry.

5. Depthly research in forex and commodity markets, tracking hot events and analysis.

6. Forecast forex markets trend and currency movements.

7. All contributions must be originality, if have copyright disputes, we do not assume any responsibility.

8. How to Contribute: Please register account, then contact us to apply for a contributor.

* We not accept any advertorial articles.

It will be unconditional free for FXYEAH when use your articles, including but not limited to post to the Internet, reproduction, editing, transmission, playback, publishing.


Q: What are the benefits of contribution?

A: We encourage industry professionals join our co-authoring platform, each contributor has column to promote your brand.

Q: What are the requirements of article?

A: Content must be 100% original, analysis of forex, gold, oil markets.

Q: I am an analyst, how to become a contributor?

A: Before you contact, plz prepare securities/investment qualification certificate, ID card copy, resume, contact info.

Q: We are an investment institution, how to become a contributor?

A: Before you contact, plz prepare business license, a copy of the representative ID card, introduce, contact info.

Q: We are the forex broker, how to become a contributor?

A: Please apply Broker Listing first, we'll open account for you after listing successful (besides analysis, you also can post company news and promotions).

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