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About WorldWideMarkets

WorldWideMarkets provides traders of all experience levels the opportunity to trade Forex, Gold. Oil, global Stock market indices and other CFD instruments with same advanced technology enjoyed by professionals. We also offer trading in US Stocks and options, institutional level trading via Currenex and a range of Managed account products for qualified customers.

We have adopted "Higher Standards. Better Execution." as the tagline that most aptly describes the company's mission to provide a highly secure online trading experience, in forex and other instruments, with superior trading execution. The loyalty of our long term customers and partners is testament to delivering on this promise.

Research says, and we know from our own experience, that what traders care most about is the safety of their funds and whether their trades are executed as they are placed, and with fairness. Our higher standards reflect the reputation, track record and integrity of Management over long and successful careers serving customers. As to execution, our core customers highly value the reliable and transparent order fulfillment that our price discovery technology has enabled in all market conditions over the years.

To support its diverse range of traders globally and ensure the highest level of security to its customers' funds, WorldWideMarkets has established regulatory hubs in both Europe and the Americas. WorldWideMarkets Online Trading Limited is our United Kingdom entity and is registered and authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (Registration number 604779). WorldWideMarkets Ltd., open to traders residing outside the United Kingdom, offers the quickest onboarding, a broader range of funding options and more frequent promotions.

Why Trade with WorldWideMarkets?

Superior Execution: The rate you see is the rate you trade – virtually no requotes.

Safety of Funds: Highest standards of Regulation; backed by the reputation and track record of Management.

Choice in Trading: Offering forex and CFD trading, US Stocks and Managed Accounts; as well as Currenex for high frequency institutional traders.

Choice in Platforms: Our flagship AlphaTrader has gotten rave reviews for its modern intuitive design and innovative features. We also offer the ever popularMetaTrader4. These platforms also have mobile trading capability. Currenexrounds out the range.

Introducing Broker support: Our IB Explorer is an extraordinarily useful IB administration tool and is backed up by active, senior level Partner collaboration.

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