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2016-08-19 19:28    FXYEAH

What is Social Trading?

Social Trading is an innovative approach for accessing and effectively utilizing the financial markets. It's an exciting platform designed from the ground up to connect traders from around the world. Our clients enjoy a competitive edge gained by access to the insights and collective wisdom of our huge trading network.

As the world around us continues to evolve at an accelerating pace, social networks offer increasingly valuable insights into ever more aspects of our lives.

Tradeo is the vanguard of a revolution in financial trading; our Social Trading platform removes the loneliness, complexity, and intimidating nature of legacy trading environments.

Why Tradeo?

Tradeo has been created by a team of Forex and Social Data experts, committed to promoting a high standard of industry services.

Based on our deep knowledge and expertise, we believe the widespread demand for greater transparency, flexibility and reliability makes the Tradeo unique agency model the real solution that meets traders' needs.

We focus on delivering superior retail and institutional services while continuously improving our clients' experience with the latest trading technology tools, tailored solutions for traders at all levels, the most competitive conditions and dedicated personalised support.

Tradeo leverages social information and sharing to directly improve the trading activity of our users. Once a Tradeo user understands the power of our Social Platform, he'll never return to trading alone.

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