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Rakuten Securities HK

Rakuten Securities HK

Country: China

Min Deposit: $1

Founded: 2002

Max Level: 1:20

Regulation: SFC-HK

Min Trade: 0.01 Lot

Platforms: Trading Station

Products: Forex

Payments: Checks, Bank Wire, etc

Rakuten Securities Hong Kong Limited (formerly known as “FXCM Asia Limited”) is one of the pioneers of online leveraged* forex trading in Hong Kong.

Rakuten Securities, Inc. acquired FXCM Asia Limited on 11th September 2015. Rakuten Securities, Inc. is one of top five forex brokers in Japan and its leveraged forex trading is well known as Rakuten FX in Japan.

Rakuten Securities HK, combined the strong capital and market-leading fintech of Rakuten Securities, Inc in Asia with the leading online forex trading position of FXCM Asia in Hong Kong, we strive to become your premier forex broker by driving product and service innovation.

Rakuten Securities HK provides trading services with the protection of local regulation by Hong Kong's own watchdog, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). This also offers the assurance to our clients that their trading accounts are fully within Hong Kong's legal jurisdiction.

Our Hong Kong office is conveniently located in Central, close to most of the city's other major financial companies and organizations. It is easily accessible to the public and provides a welcoming atmosphere to anyone who wants to explore the world of forex trading. Our professional forex educators are always on hand to give aspiring traders demonstrations of the online trading platform.

Rakuten Securities, Inc. (“Rakuten Securities”) is the securities division of Rakuten Group which operates as Japan's largest E-Commerce provider.

Our online financial services launched in June of 1999 and have grown to one of the largest online brokerage houses today. Rakuten Securities provides comprehensive financial brokerage services with wide range of asset products; including domestic and international cash equities, derivatives commodities, bonds, investment trusts, ETF, FX, etc. With Rakuten Securities' strong foundation rooted in Japanese market, today our new mission in Japanese financial world is to welcome and promote various cross-border businesses to overseas investors.

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