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2016-07-27 17:59    FXYEAH

Land-FX was established by the industry experts with many years of broad and hands-on experience in the financial markets.

Our mission is to provide the best services and creative solutions to the clients and help them grow together in this fast paced global financial market conditions.

Land-FX promises to provide an optimal trading environment with stable system for every trade and to support our clients with the best possible assistance.

For the safety of our clients' funds, we chose Barclays bank as our custodial account. We believe United Kingdom is a safe and trustworthy country in the financial fields.

We do our best to keep our clients' funds safe and we are open to receive complaints 24 hours. We believe that is an essential element for our business and the company to grow.

Our vision is to be the best global FX company by keeping the highest standards of financial services. We want to be your authentic global partner in the Forex Market.

Land-FX UK is a financial law abiding company. 
We are authorized by Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. 

Also, Land-FX UK is a part of UK's Financial Services Compensation
Scheme(FSCS) and Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS) for the top level
financial confidence and investment protection.

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