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2016-08-09 17:56    FXYEAH

FXOpen is a New Zealand based retail forex broker offering online trading services via the MT4 platform. It provides access to the Electronic Communication Network (ECN) to execute trades in currencies and precious metals. 

The company has international offices in Australia, United Kingdom and Russia, forming part of FXOpen Group. It is represented worldwide but is mostly present in Europe and Asia.

Unlike other Forex brokers, FXOpen was created by a group of traders and has come a long way from its roots as an educational center to become a major Forex brokerage company that continues to expand rapidly.

The company was founded as an educational center offering courses in the field of technical analyses and financial markets. The launch of brokerage services in 2005 was a natural progression to satisfy the growing need for fair and transparent trading conditions combined with excellent customer support. With us you can be sure of constant support, excellent trading conditions and a trader-oriented approach. We are committed to continue on in this direction and spread our values and benefits to new regions around the world. With the continued growth of the Company, and these guiding principles, we will continue in our quest to become world's leading Forex brokerage.

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