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2016-08-22 13:37    AAAFx

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AAAFx was founded in 2008 and its headquarters is in Athens, Greece (member of the European Union). Currently employing 80+ people, within the past two years the company has successfully opened thousands of live accounts from 176 countries globally.

We offer in-house live customer support-trading desk in 10 languages. Our main focuses are to offer both an exceptional trading experience and outstanding customer support. AAAFx is regulated in Europe, registration no. 2/540/17.2.2010.

Its an ok broker if you want to trade manually. But its better to use with zulutrade since you are not charged any extra spread, the execution is ok and the slippage is also low.
Overall I recommend them.
2013-05-26 16:48:00 Reply
My favourite broker - excellent service, and trading condition - spreads, executions, no extra commissions! That speaks for itself.
2013-02-06 06:49:00 Reply
excellent broker, very good execution - i trade manually and very happy with mt4 performance. very good customer service too.
2013-01-29 12:38:00 Reply
I can recommend this broker , have very good experience with them and their service and support deserve high marks.
2013-01-24 17:28:00 Reply
Been using them lately, got a 10% bonus on my deposit , I’ve never seen any re-quotes and they have a full refund policy if clients experience any execution issues with their trades. Combining all that with the low slippage i have when i copy other traders brought me here to rate them with a positive mark. I will update my review if anything bad happens and if i have any problems whatsoever.
2012-08-28 19:15:00 Reply
Hello from Ukraine! Its the first time that i will post a positive rating for a broker , up until know i only had unprofessional behaviour from support and major issues with executions. With AAAfx i am a satisfied customer. If you keep doing this great work i'm wont be searching for other brokers in the near future.
2012-07-29 10:21:00 Reply
Chosed this broker mainly because i had slippage issues with my providers in zulu, and it actually did completely changed this problem. I have a very good impression so far and i will rate it with 4 stars.
2012-07-05 12:30:00 Reply
I wanted to share my very fast experience concerning withdrawal process by AAAf. Since it is part with Zulutrade, and thus executing all trades very fast, moreover concerning withdrawals. I got my cash wired in my bank account within 4 days!! I really like these guys a lot! Big thank to the whole support team!
2012-06-16 16:37:00 Reply
My favourite broker - the best fit for Zulutrade - slippage with providers is low (and I am not following FCC of course) finaical dept and support is always there replying on the spot with every questions. I seriously have no problem to trust them with my account.
2012-04-24 10:23:00 Reply
Good broker, reliable platform, no re-quotes. As said, use them with zulutrade, but be careful which providers you choose!
2012-04-07 11:25:00 Reply
Good to implement an EA, as they dont reject prices. They are good with zulutrade, I have 2 provider accounts with aaafx and send signals to zulu, 1 using my own EA and 1 manually trading through the MT4. Their main purpose is to attract customers to zulu, I dont think this is bad, because they are good at it!
2012-04-02 21:03:00 Reply
I am a zulutrade user , and the thing that bugged me there was the slippage i had , it was too high and i was loosing a lot of pips because of that problem. I followed the advise of many and changed my broker to AAAFx , the results are marvelous , my slippage had droped and i can trade now without problems.
2012-03-25 18:43:00 Reply
I recommend this broker because it charges no commisions and integrates great with the zulutrade platform. Anyone using zulutrade must have this broker, it will boost your results with minimum slipage. Try it and you wont be dissapointed.
2012-03-17 10:41:00 Reply
Really good broker - no slippage, fast executions, and low spreads, but most important for me - no commission with zulutrade. I used to be with alpari but the slippage and commissions were a killer.
2012-03-05 20:39:00 Reply
AAAfx has reinvented the way for me to trade Forex. For the past 5 months I am with it, I am experiencing less to none slippage, fast trade execution and great customer support. As well Zulutrade is user-friendly even for those who doesn't know Forex so well.
2012-02-26 15:02:00 Reply
I autotrade the XAU and XAG with all their pairs using aaafx and zulutrade.
It is not exactly forex and it has a different method of margin requirements (1.5%) and needs to be dealt with care and differently than all forex pairs. But I like it that I am able to finally use zulutrade with my favorite xau and xag
2012-02-18 12:00:00 Reply
I am a zulutrade signal provider. I have 2 signal provider accounts, one sends signals through aaafx and one through alpari russia.
For both I use the same strategy but with different currency pairs.
Spreads in both accounts are good, but I have noticed that in the aaafx provider, my followers have almost never any trades left open, compared to alpari ru that I sometimes need to intervene and close follower's trades manually.
2012-02-04 12:19:00 Reply
I use them with zulutrade because I want to autotrade XAU and XAD/USD, but only if you have aaafx you can use a provider that trades those pairs.
2012-01-21 15:59:00 Reply
I simply use them because they are one of the very few (3-4) EU based, EU regulated brokers that still accept US accounts with 200:1.My trading system simply cannot work with the 50:1 leverage the NFA has applied and im furious to have to move offshore!
2012-01-12 19:21:00 Reply
Only works great with zulutrade!
2012-01-08 14:58:00 Reply

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