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EA NameTRO MultiPair MetaTrader indicator
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TRO MultiPair MetaTrader indicator — based on several custom indicators that are included in the package, this indicator can display trend directions for several currency pairs and on all possible MetaTrader timeframes simultaneously. The indicator is displayed in a separate window of the chart. The legend for the indicator is displayed on the right side of the chart. You can choose where to go short and where to go long by simply looking at this indicator. It doesn't matter to which currency pair or timeframe you attach this indicator, it will show everything that's set in its input parameters. TRO MultiPair is a very resource-consuming indicator; you should turn off any timeframes and currency pairs you don't use. It has a lot of input parameters but only few of them are used for the actual tuning.

Input parameters:

pairs (default = GBPUSD;EURUSD;USDCHF;USDJPY) — currency pairs for which to display this indicator. Just list them with semicolon as separator.

timeFrames (default = M1;M5;M15;M30;H1;H4;D1;W1;MN) — timeframes for which to display the indicator. Just list them with semicolon as separator.

myAlert (default = false) — if true then alerts are used.

ShowLegend (default = true) — if true then the legend is displayed.

ShowCount (default = true) — if true then the count of the trend directions by timeframes is displayed.

Other parameters — change various visual settings.

 TRO MultiPair MetaTrader indicator Forex Indicators

Trading with this indicator is very intuitive. As you see on the legend, there are weak and strong signals and also neutral signals. You can develop your own strategy with this indicator, but I recommend entering the trades only when all timeframes for a given currency pair point in one direction and there are no weak or neutral signals. Exit positions when the signals that you used to enter are in minority.

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