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Japan’s wages calculation in GDP will be revised

2019-01-11 20:32    FBS

Japan’s wages calculation in GDP will be revised Financial News

On Friday, Japan's cabinet told it’s on the verge of amending the calculation of employees’ compensation in the country’s GDP. Moreover, the Japanese government will most likely have its draft budget revised having understated wages data for over a decade because of faulty polling techniques.

The revisions aren’t anticipated to change the tempo of economic surge in Japan.  Simultaneously, that’s an embarrassment for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe due to the fact that his cabinet has enacted a number of policies to avert the risk of deflation by simply stimulating wages to go up.

In fact, inaccurate wage data makes it difficult to evaluate whether Abe's policies are really working and could raise questions regarding the credibility of other data, thus leaving Japanese policy makers blind-sided in their attempts to speed up sustainable economic surge.

As some financial analysts pointed out, escaping deflation turns out to be Abe's number one economic objective, and if you’re unable to trust the data you are unable to make rational policy decisions. Last year the Japanese cabinet altered the sampling method for the purpose of improving wages data, and now they’re telling they had the data understated, which is incredible.  

On Friday, the Cabinet Office that compiles GDP told that it’s going to uncover revisions for wages in 2016-2017 at the end of January. In February, the Cabinet Office is going to disclose revisions to wages data from 2015 and also earlier.

On Friday, the country’s Finance Minister Taro Aso told that the cabinet won’t probably have its budget draft revised for the next fiscal year to pay for a shortfall of employment insurance benefits provoked by mistakes in Japan’s wage data.

Such a rare move as this probable budget revision would follow the revelation that the labor ministry wrongly calculated employees’ average wages for years.


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