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Microsoft Teams gets free version to battle Slack

2018-07-13 03:11    Investing

Microsoft Teams gets free version to battle Slack Stock News

© Reuters. Microsoft Teams gets free version to battle Slack
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) reveals a free version of Teams to take on Slack.
  • The version supports up to 300 people and includes unlimited chat messages and searches, 10GB of file storage for teams and 2GB of personal storage, group audio and video calling, and integrations with 140 apps (plus the Office 365 online suite).
  • Slack’s free version, which has existed since the company’s 2014 launch, only searches 10K recent messages, offers 5GB storage for the team, includes one-on-one calls, and connects to 10 third-party apps.
  • In other Microsoft collaboration news, the Whiteboard app launches on Windows 10 today with versions coming soon for iOS and the web.
  • Whiteboard lets users make notes on a virtual board that can be shared and edited across devices. At least one person involved needs an Office 365 subscription.
  • Microsoft shares are up 2.3% to $104.31.
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