The Pound is upset by the Brexit complications. Overview for 12.07.2018

2018-07-12 20:00    RoboForex

The British currency remains unsteady; every time the Brexit compilations are mentioned, the Pound goes down.  

The British Pound is still quite vulnerable when it comes to the Brexit talks. Every time a new problem appears, the Pound weakens against the USD. The current quote for the instrument is 1.3219.

At the moment, the British opposition is doing everything they can to “shatter” positions of Theresa May and her supporters, who are doing their best to turn the decision made by the country’s population into reality. May said it time and again that the Brexit would be quite “painless” and the procedure would be as smooth and orderly as possible.

Right now, British politicians are preparing the meeting between their Prime Minister and the US President Donald Trump. May already told the media that they were going to discuss trade and tariff classification issues. This is very important for the United Kingdom, which continues “fighting” the European Union for keeping trade and economic relations after the Brexit. Positive outcome of the meeting between British and American leaders may make the difference in the Brexit talks.

The Pound barely responds to the statistics: the British currency is completely focused on the political news and the Brexit procedure.


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