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FXTM hosts successful E-Trading Workshop & Seminar in Nigeria

2018-03-28 10:14    FXTM

FXTM hosts successful E-Trading Workshop & Seminar in Nigeria Company News 

FXTM continues its forex education initiatives in Nigeria with the latest series of E-trading events, this time in the popular city of Calabar. On 17 March, FXTM hosted an engaging one-day seminar featuring experts from our FXTM Nigeria offices in Lagos and Abuja.

This seminar was completely free to attend. Participants got to learn about FXTM’s products and services, such as FXTM Invest and Naira-based trading accounts, as well as network with experts from FXTM Nigeria and fellow forex enthusiasts.

The one-day seminar was followed by a 3-day Workshop that took place in Calabar, from 20-22 March. It was a resounding success, with an exceptional turnout of participants who created a lively atmosphere full of networking and learning opportunities.

Some topics covered in the 3-day workshop include:

  • An Introduction to trading terminology, trading platforms and FXTM’s services

  • How to place a trade with instant and market execution

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit strategies

  • Japanese Candlestick charting

  • Risk Management

  • Trading Psychology

  • And much more!


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