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Profit & Loss Latin America 2018

2018-03-12 15:30    FXYEAH

Profit & Loss Latin America 2018 Archives

Event Programme:

10:00-10:45am – Coffee & Registration

10:45-11:30am – Opening Keynote Address: 

“Recent Developments in the Mexican Financial Markets” 

Juan Garcia, Director of Domestic Operations, Banco de Mexico

11:30-12:00pm – Presentaton: 

“Mexico Elections: Has the Country Reached a Turning Point?” 

Gabriel Casillas P.h. D, Managing Director, Investor Relations Officer and Chief Economist,  Banorte-Ixe Bank

This year’s elections in Mexico are of historic importance. Not only will the presidency be up for grabs, but so will the entire federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies, nine governorships, including the mayor of Mexico City, and hundreds of state and municipal seats. A total of 3,406 posts will be on the ballot. Never before in modern Mexican history have so many elections been held together simultaneously on the same day. What are the potential consequences of such a momentous political event for the Mexican financial markets?

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