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Profit & Loss Frankfurt 2018

2018-03-12 15:26    FXYEAH

Profit & Loss Frankfurt 2018 Archives

Event Programme:

8:30-9:00  Registration & Coffee

9:00-9:05  Introductory Remarks

9:05-9:30  Opening Address - TBA

9:30-10:30  Panel 1: Crunch Time – The FX Global Code

It is almost one year since the full FX Global Code of Conduct was published and significantly at the time, the Global FX Committee provided one year for firms to sign a Statement of Commitment. In the intervening period the controversial Principle 17 had been re-written and the GFXC’s outreach programme has been in full flow. But how successful has the roll out of the Code been?

This panel will also discuss:

The approach to firms that do not sign the Statement of Commitment

How can we monitor adherence?

Will the Code help rebuild trust in the FX industry?

What next for the Global Code?

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