GBP/USD: bearish "Pennant"

2018-02-14 21:00    FBS

GBP/USD: bearish "Pennant" Institution Opinions 1

There's a bearish "Pennant", so the pair is likely going to achieve the nearest support at 1.3741. Meanwhile, if a pullback from this level happens afterwards, bulls will probably try to reach the next resistance at 1.3895 - 1.3944.

GBP/USD: bearish "Pennant" Institution Opinions 2

The market is consolidating between the Moving Averages. The main intraday target is the closest support at 1.3763 - 1.3741. This area could be a departure point for a bullish price movement in the direction of another resistance at 1.3895 - 1.3944.


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