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Jordan Forex Expo and Forex Awards 2018

2018-01-27 12:04    FXYEAH

Jordan Forex Expo and Forex Awards 2018 Archives

The 13th Jordan Forex Expo 2018 is different, Why?

1- Jordan is positioning itself as a financial hub for the entire region.

2- New Jordan Forex Regulatory issuance, The authorities (JSC) regulated FX / new gate for the forex companies .

3- New platforms, systems, solution and Crypto currencies

4- More than 100 stock brokers in Jordan are looking for brokerage providers services in international financial markets namely currencies, commodities & stock indices.

5- Attractive facilities dedicated form Jordan Government to the Forex investors.

6- New vision, new mission and new markets.

7- Speakers and participants will focus on the development of the crypto currency and blockchain sector, its current condition and potential, key challenges, problems and their solutions. The conference will allow the discussion of aspects of digital currency regulation in the country and main areas of decentralized technology integration: government control, fintech, insurance, trading and more.

8- The event program includes presentations, which will be interested for software developers, as well as investors and entrepreneurs who are going to promote and their businesses.

9- B2B BROKERAGE EVENT is a series of 20- minute meetings scheduled according to individual firms’ availabilities, interests, and goals!

We are organizing 2-days brokerage event - The International Brokerage Forex B2B, from 13 March to 14 March 2018, which will take place during 13th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards.

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