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Conference in Almaty 2018

2018-01-27 11:49    FXYEAH

For our Conference in Almaty we've prepared a unique program of workshops tailored to meet your educational needs, whether you are a trader of any level, or just a person interested to explore new investment opportunities and ways to increase your income.

At ShowFx World Conference you will have a chance to:

- attend seminars and workshops on various aspects of financial trade

- take home effective trading strategies from renowned local and international experts

- learn more about leadership and managing your personal finances from one of the best business coaches in Kazakhstan

- hear the latest economic forecasts from the leading analysts

- take part in prize raffles and giveaways from organizers and participants

We believe that in today's world a chance to gain financial independence and freedom should be available to anyone, that is why the entrance to ShowFx World events is free.

Follow our website and social media for the updates.

See you at the Conference!

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