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New Year, new plans, new dreams to come true with FBS – share now!

2018-01-10 14:36    FBS

New Year, new plans, new dreams to come true with FBS – share now! Company News

Dear friends, we are happy to meet you all here in the new year of 2018! Best news for today – our Dreams Come True contest is ready to begin. Since money itself isn't a dream but just a tool to help you achieve your goals, think about one thing of a material world that can make you a happier person, and share it with us. Take your time to create and write the most touching dream and be sure – it will be fulfilled. Be original, be creative, be inspiring, be the winner!

To become the next Dreams Come True contest winner, follow the guidelines below:

- Register an FBS account

- Visit the promotion's page in your Personal Area

- Choose an image and share the info post on your Facebook page

- Follow the link to the original post on FBS official Facebook page

- Specify your dream in the comments to the post

- Please note that only the most interesting, touching and wild dreams will get a chance to become a reality. Don’t wish for money as money itself is not a dream.

Tell your friends about the contest - share the post to make this world a better place with FBS.


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