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UK PM Johnson hints at a comprise Brexit deal – The Sun

2019-09-11 10:40    FXYEAH

The Sun carried a story earlier today, citing that the UK PM Johnson is showing a sign he will now try for a compromise Brexit deal.

Key Quotes:

Johnson has told Tory rebels he is ready for “spears in my back” from party Eurosceptics — in a sign he will now try for a compromise Brexit deal.

It is the latest in a series of hints he is ready to soften his key demand that Brussels scraps the Irish backstop.

Boris yesterday insisted a deal was possible, adding: “There are loads of people who want this done. That includes our friends and partners across the EU”.

The Cable is uninspired by the above article, holding its overnight consolidative mode around 1.2350 level, as the bears continue to guard the 1.2380/85 barrier.


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