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UK's Gove: Some concerns about a no-deal Brexit have been exaggerated

2019-08-19 00:00    FXYEAH

While speaking to reporters on Sunday, Michael Gove, a conservative politician and the Cabinet Office Minister who is in charge of no-deal Brexit planning, said that some concerns about a possible no-deal Brexit had been exaggerated, per Reuters.

"It is the case, as everyone knows, that if we do have a no-deal exit there will inevitably be some disruption, some bumps in the road. That's why we want a deal," Gove said while and repeated that they believed a deal with the EU was possible bu October 31. 

"Prime Minister Johnson will be talking to EU leaders in good faith to get a deal," Gove further noted. "We have to work on the basis that we may leave the EU without a deal."


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